a NEW LOOK for a precious babe!

Bringing fabric and ART into little Braden's room
helped it come ALIVE with happiness!

I made her a custom cut silhouette from a photo of her. It was cut from pink wood grain paper and placed on top of a fun coordinating room fabric. I gave her a bow to embellish her sweet bald baby girl head. ;)
(JLiz is signed in hot pink felt!! )

I made the pillows REVERSIBLE for lots of different combos!

The bunting brings all the colors of the room together!



Thanks to Katie for letting me have LOTS of creative freedom with the project! You were delightful to work with! I hope Braden loves it!!

J Liz


brand NEW life for an OLD folding table set

I have a new Etsy shop called
One Fine 'Stache

This is a table I painted and re-covered.
It was featured in a "Mother Knows Best" article
and sold the same day! exciting!
I LOVE sniffing out cool furniture and am especially
loving mid-century right now!
I have TONS of ideas of things to put in
my shop....just need to get around to DOIN' !!!

keep livin'


an exciting new project!

"Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the coolest paint of ALL?" magnetic chalkboard paint I say, for a mural that's the way!!!


re-upholstery. a new love.

oh no. i like to do this too!
i have too many creative loves to dabble in.
i am.....scattered.
what the heck though, i think i'll sell
"old- chairs- given- new- life"
and see what happens.
story of my random life.

i'll do a few more pieces and start an etsy shop. :)


i love lucy.

I had the absolute privilege to to add some mural art to baby Lucy's already
aDORable room. I must say, it came out.....
One of my favorite parts is the birdcage group on the closet doors. Not only is
this unique and unexpected but it leaves her walls more available for future photos,
bulletin board, or shelves as needed.
The growth chart will be marked with the date as they measure their growing gal.
I can't wait to meet her!

Happy "nesting" to Lucy's amazing momma!


a Magnolia for baby M

This flower was done for a stunning baby girl in Austin named Magnolia .
The room was already so lovely and this striking graphic done in a satin finish chocolaty brown contrasted with the matte sage green walls made the room perfectly balanced and interesting.
I LOVE LOVE the way this turned out!

I also did a fun initial for baby "M" on a striped wall. She has the nickname "Magpie", like the bird, so I had to add a quirky lil' bird perfectly perched on her M. This room is magazine worthy with all of Melissa's fabulous decor choices and now the added interest of customized mural graphics to set it apart from the masses of baby nursery similarity!!




There are times that my mind overwhelms my ability to live.
I have many aspirations and desires...but no official plan to get there.
When I have multiple irons in the fire, I jump from one to another
without finishing a thing.
I then get annoyed with myself which, in turn, leads to a distorted perspective where
I doubt......everything I create.....everything.

I drift.

You know those people....those people that appear to be completely FREE.....
free to dance, I mean really free to close their eyes and FEEL in a room
FULL of people.
Now I have felt that before, with ideal conditions, but can't "find" that feeling on demand.
THAT is how I want to live.
The world around me MELTS away....
I embrace getting older.
I would NEVER go back 10 years, for i know I may not even recognize myself.
I have fallen, but each time I get up with a token...something learned.
I am building "wealth".
May I never stop learning

When the self-doubt clouds half your mind,
whisper to yourself

"just dance".


.....in progress....Get Lost In It

Here are some peeks at my newest painting....still under construction.

I am loving to hold my paintbrush again....it's been too long. I was recently motivated to pick it up again. There is a lot of emotion in this...i can't wait to do a write up on it.......still have some smoothing and glazes to add to the water.
Keep livin'
J Liz


Hidden Oak

I can never paint enough TREES!!
I have such love for them.....I'm not a tree hugger;) ,
I'm just mesmerized by their beauty and infinite uniqueness.

I was drawing a tree for this hallway....
i tht it would be so interesting to go walk the golf course this house is on to find a tree worthy of a tribute.
......so here's a shout out to the split trunk oak on hole 13 !!! you're a real LOOKER.

there are some branch hooks at urban outfitters that we will put on a few of the branches for visiters to hang their coats on "the coat tree"

Baby Emery's "Crib"

The client showed me something similar to this
idea from a magazine.....we customized it to her
crib bedding. most of the flowers are pulled from
the fabric design. the ceiling color comes down about
15" and the branch seperates it from the wall color.

Doing something high up on the wall like this,
vs. the usual chair rail height,

brings the eye up and makes the ceilings feel taller.

i just love this little quirky bird
perched on the light switch!

She had a collection of framed bird prints to hang
so I created this area for the prints to hang from branches.

Abdine Bubble Tree

this customer had a SUPER cool idea and wanted a tree in her laundry room...
if standing in the right spot in the kitchen it lines up with the tree outside the window!
we decided to make it whimsical so it is very asymmetrical and we gave it no leaves....
just added circles (Melissa loves circles) for interest and more design
ironically, being in the laundry room, it looks like a Bubble tree. ;0
O o .. 0OO o
. .o oO oo o
o O o o .. o .
o . O
o O o.
one of my trademarks (if client approves)
is to let the mural creep onto the ceiling/adjacent walls in a few spots.
makes it more interesting.

Swirly Curly E Mural

this simple mural looks fabulous in Eliza's room.
she loves seeing her initial on her own wall.
the E is an iron piece hung in front of the pale pink paint...
this really highlights and adds contrast to objects you already have to hang on your walls...

Initials can be painted on in any dreamy font you can imagine.

I "zen"d up this office a bit with some GIANT bamboo that seems to casually lean against the walls.



another love of mine.....cactus.
especially agave and succulents.

ps....if you look close you can see some strange texture that does not correspond with the agave...it has a painting under it that i botched and i re-purposed the canvas. this makes it have an extra special meaning to ME.....

"We all have things under our pretty outer shell that we are not proud of, but we can hold our heads high, and put our best assets forward....or we can bury that sh*t and never speak of it again. "
(kidding....the prior is definitely a better line) ;)

Auction Longhorn

This longhorn looks VERY similar to Bevo XIV ;) so I named him Texas.

It was so hard to see him go, however he was put in an auction to raise scholarship money for
The Texas Exes Chapter of Brazoria County. It is a 12 x 16 and went for $550.
It was the second most expensive item in the auction....second to something signed by about 70 of the all-time greatest UT athletes, so Im super happy about that.
Giclee prints are available in any size and I can add brush strokes
with varnish to make it look like an original.


BEVO XIV with rose necklace after winning the Rose Bowl
just to be clear...this is my personal painting.
i am scared of the University suing me....but would love to figure out
how to obtain the rights to actually paint Bevo and sell them.
if anyone knows....please share.

Dreamy Longhorn

Love love love the colors.
Longhorns are beautiful!

Sunset Oak

Sunset Oak was done by looking at a photo.